Dining at Nanaimo Golf Club

Greetings from our Food & Beverage Department. We are here to deliver a quality product, accompanied with genuine good service.

We welcome members, non-members and private groups for regular dining, weddings, Christmas and holiday parties, birthday and anniversary parties, special events, corporate meetings, and Celebrations of Life. Our state-of-the art Clubhouse has a variety of venues to suit your event and overlooks our championship golf course with spectacular panoramic views.

We hope to be of service to you soon.


Charles Stephen, Food & Beverage Manager

We are pleased to announce that our dining service is now open to the public.

  • Reservations are recommended: call 250-758-2451 ext. 726. Walk-ins are accepted only if seating is immediately available. Limit of 6 persons per table. Patrons must observe all COVID-19 protocols.
  • Enter the Clubhouse through AV Macan Banquet Hall parking-lot entrance, and wait to be seated. Club staff must record the first and last name and email/phone number of at least one person per table, before assigning and escorting you to your table.
  • Restaurant hours:
    • Mon & Tue: 11am–7pm (kitchen closes at 6pm; last call at 6:30pm)
    • Wed & Thu: 11am–9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm; last call at 8:30pm)
    • Fri & Sat: 11am–10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm; last call at 9:30pm)
    • Sun: 9am–9pm; Breakfast served from 9am–12pm; All-Day Menu service begins at 12pm (kitchen closes at 8pm; last call at 8:30pm)
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