Nanaimo Golf Links

Clubhuse on Wakersiah Avenue, 1924From 1920 to 1962, the club was known as Nanaimo Golf Links and operated as a 9-hole course on Wakesiah Avenue. The course was designed by A.G. Meakin, on 86 acres of land leased from Western Fuel Company. The club purchased the land in 1946. Until the clubhouse was built, the building currently known as Quarterway Hotel served as the first clubhouse. The 9-hole Nanaimo Golf Links course on Wakesiah Avenue was closed on May 13, 1962.


Nanaimo Golf Club

Aerial shot on the new course, 1968Land for the current location on Highland Boulevard was purchased in 1951 from Lynburn Estates for $10,000, and the course was designed by A.V. Macan, the well-known Pacific Northwest golf-course architect. Construction of the course took from 1953 to 1968, with B.C. Vocational Training School using it as a training ground.

Nanaimo Golf Club opened in 1962 with 14 of the 18 holes ready, and owned by the newly-incorporated Vancouver Island Golf Club Ltd. By 1968, all 18 holes were completed, and in 1983, The Nanaimo Golf Club Society was formed to administer the activities of the golf club for Vancouver Island Golf Club.

The course has undergone several major renovations over the years, to maintain the excellence that Nanaimo Golf Club course is known for.

First clubhouse on Highland site, 1962Nanaimo Golf Club Clubhouse, 2000

The Clubhouse on the Highland property was constructed in 1962, renovated in 1993, and then deconstructed in 2012 and rebuilt in 2013.

Practice facilities, including a driving range with 18 covered hitting stalls, and putting and chipping greens were opened in 1996, and the Mike's Place (Concession Stand) was added in 2006.

New Clubhouse, built in 2013, as seen from the Janet Rivers Gardens.

Today, Nanaimo Golf Club is well-known for its superior putting greens and exceptional course conditioning, ranking it among the best courses in BC.

Historical Account by Kenneth Alexander
List of NGC Club Presidents since 1960